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IJAS – Volume 3 : ASIA: Transcultural Interactions – Past, Present and Future



The theme of the third volume of IJAS is: ‘ASIA: Transcultural Interactions – Past, Present and Future’.

Some of the possible themes we hope the next volume of IJAS will explore are: the cultural, linguistic, socio-political, religious and intellectual interactions that have shaped diverse Asian territories (such as China, Korea, Japan, Mongolia, India and South East Asia), from the past up to the creation of modern states in the colonial periods, and transformation of the region under industrialization, decolonization, war, and revolution in the 20th and 21st centuries.

*Please submit completed articles for consideration for publication by email to the executive editor, Dr. Kevin N. Cawley (, by June 31st 2017.

**Please follow the same referencing style as articles appearing in Volume One and Volume Two.

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