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The Irish Journal of Asian Studies (IJAS) was launched in 2015 and is Ireland’s first ever international peer-reviewed online journal devoted to Asian Studies set up by the Department of Asian Studies at University College Cork, Ireland.

The current issue, Volume 6, is on “Chinese Borders: Transcultural and Historical Perspectives” and was edited by Dr Julia Schneider (UCC). It presents papers on the broadly understood topic of borders. Borders constitute ‘contact zones’ of cultures, ethnicities, and languages. At the same time, people use borders to constitute loose differentiations between themselves and other people. In the papers presented in this issue such contact zones as well as their effects on diverse societies living in the contact zones are analysed in an East Asian, mainly Chinese context from different disciplinary angles, including historical and conceptual historical perspectives as well as ethnomusicologist and literary studies viewpoints.

The next issue of IJAS will be an open issue related to all aspects of research on Asia – we look forward to receiving your contributions. Please email Dr Kevin Cawley (UCC) with any queries about our next issue: k.cawley@ucc.ie

Mise le meas,

Dr. Kevin N. Cawley

Senior Lecturer in Korean Studies, UCC
Director of the Irish Institute of Korean Studies
Founding and Managing Editor of IJAS.

Current Issue 2020 IJAS      ISSN   2009-8448.