Vol 2 2016

IJAS Volume 2, 2016

Issue Theme: Commemoration

ISSN 2009-8448

Table of Contents [PDF] i
Editorial [PDF]
Kevin N. Cawley ii-iii


What does it mean to “Commemorate”? Linguistic and Cultural Evidence from
Chinese [TIEN PDF]  1-11
Adrian Tien

Commemorating the Anonymous: British Imperialist Discourse in China and its
Backlash among the Irish [GOLDEN PDF] 12-35
Seán Golden

The The Gods of Rakugo: Commemoration in
Japanese Comedy [WEINGARTNER PDF] 36-46
Till Weingärtner

Commemorating Regional and National Identity: Discourse on ‘Asia’ in
Contemporary Japan [HOSOKAWA PDF] 47-62
Naoko Hosokawa

Celebrating Shared Memories: Relevance, Multimodaility and the World
of Yokai [SASAMOTO PDF] 63-76
Ryoko Sasamoto

Book Reviews:

Hyena Kim: Junk (정크) [SIMPSON PDF] 77-78
Allan C. Simpson

Stephan Rothlin and Dennis McCann: International Business Ethics: Focus
on China
[HOLZER PDF] 79-81
Constantin Holzer