Vol 1 2015

IJAS 1 (2015) – KOREA: Past, Present and Future


Volume 1 (2015)

ISSN   2009-8448.


Table of Contents [PDF] i
Editorial [PDF]
Kevin N. Cawley ii-iii


Theme Issue Articles:

An Undulating Trajectory: The History of Religious Traditions in Korea [Grayson PDF] 1-9

James Huntley Grayson


Orthodox Heresy: Chŏng Yakchong and the Chugyo yoji [Kilkelly PDF] 10-23

Patrick Kilkelly


Understanding Modern Korean Buddhism via Collective-Consciousness, Multiculturism and the Temple Stay Programme (TSP) [Lee PDF] 24-36

John Lee


Keepers of Tradition: Women in South Korean Traditional Music [Mueller PDF] 37-52

Ruth Mueller


Returning to Dublin as an Imaginary Hometown: Lim Young-Woong’s Voyage to Waiting for Godot [Hwang PDF] 53-68

Hwang Yuh-Jhung


Book Reviews:

Andrei Lankov: The Real North Korea: Life and Politics in the Failed Stalinist Utopia [Hajzlerová PDF] 69-71

Jana Hajzlerová


JungBong Choi and Roald Maliangkay: K-POP – The International Rise of the Korean Music Industry [Kim PDF] 72-73

David W. Kim


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