Vol 6 2020

IJAS Volume 6, 2020

Issue Theme: Chinese Borders: Transcultural and Historical Perspectives

ISSN 2009-8448

Table of Contents [TOC] i
Editorial [Editorial] ii-ii
Julia C. Schneider

Research Articles:

The ‘Other’ and the ‘Self’ in Mutual Perspective:
The Chaoxian fu (1488) by Dong Yue (1430-1502) [LAW] 1-16
LAW Ho Sing

The Study of Miao Albums:
The Purposes of the Compilation and the Image of the Miao People [YIP] 17-37
YIP Suk Man

Constructing an Ethnicity:
Miao in the Chinese Narratives during the Qing Era [SHE] 38-54
SHE Miaojun

Uniting Chinese Ethnic Minorities with Folk-songs:
Hua’er as a National Heritage in China  [REN] 75-93
Meng REN

Old Stories, New Needs:
The Multiple Appropriations of the Chinese-speaking Muslims’ Origin Narratives [DE GRANDIS] 94-114
Mario De Grandis

Book Review:

Diana S. Kim: Empires of Vice: The Rise of Opium Prohibition across Southeast Asia [GAO] 115-117
Ming GAO