Vol 5 2019

IJAS Volume 5, 2019

Issue Theme: Korean Philosophy

ISSN 2009-8448

Table of Contents [PDF] i
Editorial [EDITORIAL 2019] ii-iv
Kevin N. Cawley


Intersectionality with a Korean Philosopher:
An Interview with Jin Y. Park [PARK PDF]  1-10

Moral Metaphysics and Moral Psychology of Korean Neo-Confucianism:
Explanation of the Moral Mind and Emotion in the Four-Seven Debate [SEOK PDF] 11-28
Bongrae Seok

Moral Emotions, Human Feelings, and Their Issuance:
A Comparative Study of Ki Taesung, Kobong and David Hume [HASFELDT PDF] 29-44
Maria Hasfeldt

Japanese Confucianism and Korea: from pre-history to 1592 [PARAMORE PDF] 47-58
Kiri Paramore

Research Article:

“Social Responsibility” and “Social Credit” –
Reflections on Chinese Companies and Their Role in the Governance of China [HOLZER PDF] 59-74
Constantin Holzer

Book Review:

Inuhiko Yomota: What is Japanese Cinema?: A History [WEINGARTNER PDF] 75-76
Till Weingärtner


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