Vol 4 2018

IJAS Volume 4, 2018

Issue Theme: Sexuality and Identity in Asian Contexts

ISSN 2009-8448

Table of Contents [PDF] i
Editorial [PDF] ii-iii
Kevin N. Cawley


Between Feminism and Socialism:
Comparative Study of Lily Braun and Ding Ling [QIN PDF]  1-21
Lei Qin

Contemporary Feminist Art in Vietnam:
The Visual Emergence of agency [NUALART PDF] 22-38
Cristina Nualart

Reinforced Hetero-Normativity:
Gender Constructs in Chosŏn 朝鮮 Korea [CAWLEY PDF] 39-52
Kevin N. Cawley

Ancestors in Transition: Negotiating Contemporary Identities
Within the Japanese ie Household System [WALKER PDF] 53-68
Amy V. Walker Kuroki

Book Reviews:

Erika Hoffman-Dilloway: Signing and Belonging in Nepal  [FRISONE PDF] 69-71
Marilena Frisone

Ying Mao: Being Middle Class in China:
Identity, Attitudes and Behaviour
 [KWOK PDF] 72-73
Chung K. Kwok

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